22/12/19 - Power of the Universe

22/12/19 - Power of the Universe

A truly wonderful thing happened yesterday.

I met a friend in pondicherry and she wanted to eat samosa, we were looking for a place where she had previously eaten. But also, she had seen it on the board of Tiffin & Coffee in the morning, so we went and asked for it, it was unavailable. She didn't order anything else, and told that she would eat something outside on the roadside.

We thought about looking for the place, I thought perhaps it was in a road near railway station that I had explored earlier in the day, she remembered how the place was. So we were riding, looking for the place, even passing by other crowded places serving samosas. We stopped trying to find the place on maps, and started looking for it. At some point I told her, we will have samosa if we are supposed to have it. Whatever was supposed to happen will happen.

And there we were, going on, and suddenly out of nowhere the friend that introduced her to samosa place first time appears behind us. She didn't inform him of her being here and he hadn't been in pondicherry for a week or so before today. Yet there he was, that time of the evening, at that very place in the city. Right behind us.

We called him, caught up with him, followed him to the place opposite to "new born" in Mission st. where I had the best samosa and cutlet I had eaten in my entire life!

Then we went back to his place which was a 100+ years old building that was severely cool, and he wanted to show his laptop's wallpaper which was a photograph he had taken of a person he apparently liked, who had on her arm a tattoo that said:

"Chase your dreams."